Joule solar energy believes that everyone should get to choose where they get their power. Right now, you don’t have options. Unless you go solar, you’re stuck in a utility monopoly. Joule gives you the POWER to choose.

Joule Solar Energy helps Louisiana home and business owners keep hard earned dollars in their pockets. The future is bright. Make it brighter and choose to start saving today!


The Joule Difference delivers peace of mind on all fronts.
Our clients feel good about their decision to go with the best solar company in Louisiana for decades to come.

All solar companies promise savings. At Joule Solar Energy,
it’s our team's experience and customer service that sets us apart.

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Get It Before It’s Too Late!

Some Louisiana utilities are trying to stop homeowners from installing solar on their home. If you live in an area served by Entergy or Cleco you may have a limited amount of time before this happens. Joule Solar Energy can reserve your system today. Don’t let the utilities take away YOUR right to energy options.


80% offset by tax credits

Why not lower your electricity bill and save on your taxes? If you said that that sounds like a no brainer, you’re not alone. In Louisiana you can take advantage of great incentives instead of letting the
electricity company take advantage of you!

From now until the end of 2014, enjoy $0 down and only $42/month to have your very own solar system installed. With the savings you’ll receive you are net positive from day one. Who wants to put their paycheck towards utilities anyway?


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